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02 August 2010 @ 11:46 am
Fic: Minor Alterations, Chapter Five  
I feel like the world has been against me this chapter, (I was very ill earlier last month), but it's finally completed! XD I have a Chapter Five for you!

Warnings and whatnot...

Minor Alterations

By: Bell
Fandom: Pokémon
Pairing: Honorshipping (MortyxFalkner).
Rating: M
Warnings: Slash relationships, non-explicit sexual content, coarse language, mpreg.

Summary: Two Gym Leaders come to crossroads in their lives, and are unwittingly forced onto the same path.

Clickity click! :D

I've explained this over on ff.net, but The Real World has reared its ugly head and I'm actually off travelling with friends for the majority of this month. Which is good in that I haven't had a holiday for AGES, but... well, I'm not going to be here to write! So there may well be a slight delay. Or a not-so-slight one. I promise to do my best! :D

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer, and I'll be updating the ff.net C2 again upon my return. :) xxx
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